Prof. JianKang He Attended International Conference About 3D Printing


From August 8th to 10th ,2015, prof. JianKang He who worked in the State Key Laboratory for manufacturing system engineering attended the International conference about 3D printing in Nanyang technical university(NTU) in Singapore.  Prof. Chua Chee Kai who is the president of Mechanics and Aerospace Institute of Nanyang Technical University and the president of the research center of 3D printing in Singapore was the conference host.


In 8th August 2015, prof. JianKang He took part in the first editorial conference of International Journal of Bioprinting( IJB) and pro. Chua Chee Kai is the chief editor of this journal. This journal will mainly publish the structure design of biological 3D printing related, new-style biological material ink, cell technology, new processing and method, cultivating and application of artificial tissue, industrialization, medical law and other fields. XTJU manufacturing biological group published the “The trend towards in vivo bioprinting” in this journal, which has attracted broad attention among International experts who specialize in cell printing and was directly referenced in this conference.

With the editors of IBJ

With prof. Vladimir Mironov

From Augst 9th – 10th , 2015, lot of people who came from different countries and different fields attended the Biological 3D Printing Conference. Prof. JiangKang He who represented the XTJU introduced our research achievements in biological 3D printing.