Prof. YaXiong Liu and associate Prof. Lin Wang visited Technische Universiteit Delft in Holland


On 28th August, prof. YaXiong Liu and associate prof. Lin Wang both working in State Key Laboratory for Manufacturing System Engineering visited the research center of biological material and biomechanics in Technische Universiteit Delft. Prof. Amir Zadpoor as the director of this research center and other professors from his group conducted academic communication with them. This research center mainly focus on additive manufacturing, surface treatment in biodegradable metals, interface research in cell/biological material and other cut-edge technology. It also has many International publications and has a widespread influence on the fields of biological material and biomechanics around the world. 

In this short conference, Prof. Amir Zadpoor said that they always looked for the Chinese collaborators. Through this short conference, they have been basically conformed us as the Chinese collaborators. In the future, we will continue discuss the students exchange and visiting scholars.