Where to Start When Searching for a Wedding Venue

Choosing the Best Wedding Venues

Wedding is not just about bridal dress, there is more to it. One of the most expensive and important element for a wedding is the venue. No matter how intimate or grandeur your wedding will be it is important to come up with proper venue.

The size and style of the venue has direct impact to the wedding; together with this, theme and décor should incorporate to the venue to achieve a tremendous success. It is important that after deciding the date of the wedding you should come up with the theme. But bear in mind that everything should according to the budget. You might think of having a particular theme but if it too costly and would definitely unaffordable you should come up with something manageable and realistic. This is why, when planning for your wedding venue you should give yourself an ample time to prepare. An overnight planning and preparation won’t give you the venue that you been dreaming of.

For many couples the task ahead can sometimes seem daunting. Wedding preparation may involve a lot of emotions that might catch you in quitting the wedding. It is ideal to sit down with your partner and immerse yourselves in strategic manner to come up with better ideas. There are hundreds or even thousands of ideas online that can help you in your wedding preparation. Either you want to choose contemporary, rustic, bohemian or classic by sorting out the ideas and narrowed down it would be clearer for you to understand what you need for your wedding venue.

Number of guests

Before picking the right venue you should consider first the number of guests. The size of the venue will depend on the numbers of attendees. If you have 100 guests you can’t opt a space which is dedicated for 50 people only, this means that the venue should be large to accommodate not only the guests but also the tables, chairs, décor, and the sound and light system. The number of guests will also your basis on how much you food you are going to serve. In other words, the number of guests is the major factor in deciding a particular element such as venue, food and even the transportation.


When choosing a venue you should come up with wedding date that is off season. In this case, the venue will be less expensive. In most cases, wedding venues and other wedding elements tend to lower their rate during the off season such as the winter. If you think that you are in tight budget but want a good venue you may consider a date were wedding is not so popular. You also need to know that weekdays are affordable than the weekend or even the Friday night. The date has huge effect to the rate not only to the venue but even the caterers and other wedding vendors.


The location should also need to consider. Often, guests don’t attend the reception due to the location of the venue. It is important to have a venue that is within the city. If not, you should have one place where you can have both ceremony and reception.

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